Week 3

These are my two posters for the interim, the first focuses on a london underground style map to show the timeline of design movements. The verdict for this poster is that the concept has potential but the execution is really just an underground map so I really need to play with this and push it more if I want to use this idea. The layout is rather random and ugly looking but I was aware of this beforehand, I just need some time to neaten it up.

The second poster people seemed to really like the concept of. People really go the idea of the guy diving into the bowl. It was suggested to have someone actually submerged in it and splashing around to really show the person’s involvement. I wanted the person to be about to dive to create tension but I think I prefer this person’s idea. I think this concept is more unique and provides me with more inspiration for the project so I will most likely go with this concept.

These were some brainstormed idea, quite a bit of inspiration came from the history books I used. The middle image shows my attempt at a timeline like tower in 3d style. After much effort I felt it was one of the most ugly things I’ve ever made so I scrapped it and came up with my bowl idea on a whim where I wanted to just combine two unorthodox objects.

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