Week 4

These are my brochure spreads, they have a relatively simple layout which shouldn’t prove too confusing for readers. I went for simple information layout for the speakers with 2 images on the left page to show their work. The black outline is coherent with the black outlines on my poster. I have done both layouts with a profile picture and just 2 columns. I like the one with the profile picture as it adds a nice 3 columns which is easy to take in. The cover is based off of my poster design to make them coherent. It has a white border around it with the text in the border. The main focal point is the diving person and the pool in the image. I have done the timetable layout, I think this looks ok enough, it just needs some detailed refining.

Lee says its looking good and I know what I’m doing well enough with the text layout. The cover, like the poster is too constricting with the border so I will get rid of this. I will probably get rid of the borders on all of my spreads.

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