week 5

After Donald and Lee’s advice I’ve made a lot of changes to my poster. They told me to scrap the curve of the title which I was happy to do. I tried various rough layouts with the text and felt that it worked best (top left image) with the important text up top with the title and the minor text in the bottom left corner in a stepping layout. I have also changed the imagery of my bowl. I knew that I had to make most of the artworks stronger and also for the main bowl design to be more in the realm of graphic design over bowl design.

The foremost bowl is based off of a famous Japanese designer from the 60s named Ikko Tanaka.

I think this works really well as it retains the Japanese/multinational use of imagery which I think is important. It also keeps similar colour palette to both my brochure and poster which I really like.

The next bowl keeps the strong Swiss design as I felt this was the strongest bowl in my previous posters.

Then there is the Dada themed bowl which has some slight rearrangement as Donald suggested to make the image stronger and some subtle inclusion of bold text.

Next is Suprematism from the 1910s, this feels like quite iconic imagery and is definitely historical. It works far better than the red square which is very vague.

I then got some text inspired by Gutenburg press work. This seems fitting as it was very very initial design work historically. I feel it’s more fitting than the cave painting imagery as it is closer in time to the suprematism. It also is more recognisable.

Overall these changes to the artworks in the bowl have been far more successful. They look way stronger and recognisable. They also look cohesive and in order like a true consistent steps through a design timeline.

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