week 6

These are the final layouts for my brochure design. I’ve changed the cover to have some Russian constructivism in the cover. I think this works far better than the Saul Bass earlier as it seemed confusing. Other changes are that the captions for the images are in place with no line at the bottom which is working really well. I changed around my timetable a little to make it more refined and delicate looking which has come out nicely. The map is in place and fits well with my design. I’ve made the colours completely cohesive with a brighter finish as I feel this works better overall.

I had some major trouble printing my brochure with many completed errors at the printer. Next time I really need to figure out how to make my file size better or even just lock it in at a bureau. I tried at least 8 times to print my brochure and it just didn’t want to work with me.

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