Post issues

some of my post’s images have possibly glitched up and arent displaying the full image as a preview, you may have to click to open the image and scroll through the carousel to view the images in full. Sorry this is somewhat inconvenient, but Ive tried to fix it multiple times with no luck 😦

week 6

These are the final layouts for my brochure design. I’ve changed the cover to have some Russian constructivism in the cover. I think this works far better than the Saul Bass earlier as it seemed confusing. Other changes are that the captions for the images are in place with no line at the bottom which is working really well. I changed around my timetable a little to make it more refined and delicate looking which has come out nicely. The map is in place and fits well with my design. I’ve made the colours completely cohesive with a brighter finish as I feel this works better overall.

I had some major trouble printing my brochure with many completed errors at the printer. Next time I really need to figure out how to make my file size better or even just lock it in at a bureau. I tried at least 8 times to print my brochure and it just didn’t want to work with me.

week 6

This is the process I went through to create my animation. I made the outlines in Adobe Illustrator as it was the easiest method. I then moved them into photoshop and made a frame by frame animation. This worked reasonably well and I’m happy with the result. I then moved the GIF into After Effects and added more animation to the image to give an underwater effect with moving pictures like the person is swimming past the pictures.

The animation is in a pretty finished state, it would be located in welcoming areas for the conference such as the entrance to block 12. I think this works really effectively here.

week 6

Shown are the last changes to my poster, I moved the text around and split up the date and time to make it look more cohesive. I am very happy with the result. I also changed the massey and design institute logos to be the same colour as my title text and be blocks. I am very happy with the finish – there’s nothing else I would change.

week 6

I have locked in this idea of doing the gradient background and am just playing around with layouts for the speaker pages. I like the idea of having the small text at the top to make it not feel so barren. I played around a bit with image captioning but may just scrap the idea. I have put in some images for the introduction page to give some more visual aid. I’m unsure about them right now because I don’t want people to think they’re artist’s work. I changed the renaissance image on the cover to a Saul bass image as it is bold, bright and easy to recognise. Others aren’t feeling it a tonne because it’s confusing having a guy diving into a guy which I understand.

week 5

After Donald and Lee’s advice I’ve made a lot of changes to my poster. They told me to scrap the curve of the title which I was happy to do. I tried various rough layouts with the text and felt that it worked best (top left image) with the important text up top with the title and the minor text in the bottom left corner in a stepping layout. I have also changed the imagery of my bowl. I knew that I had to make most of the artworks stronger and also for the main bowl design to be more in the realm of graphic design over bowl design.

The foremost bowl is based off of a famous Japanese designer from the 60s named Ikko Tanaka.

I think this works really well as it retains the Japanese/multinational use of imagery which I think is important. It also keeps similar colour palette to both my brochure and poster which I really like.

The next bowl keeps the strong Swiss design as I felt this was the strongest bowl in my previous posters.

Then there is the Dada themed bowl which has some slight rearrangement as Donald suggested to make the image stronger and some subtle inclusion of bold text.

Next is Suprematism from the 1910s, this feels like quite iconic imagery and is definitely historical. It works far better than the red square which is very vague.

I then got some text inspired by Gutenburg press work. This seems fitting as it was very very initial design work historically. I feel it’s more fitting than the cave painting imagery as it is closer in time to the suprematism. It also is more recognisable.

Overall these changes to the artworks in the bowl have been far more successful. They look way stronger and recognisable. They also look cohesive and in order like a true consistent steps through a design timeline.

week 5

This was me playing around with some brochure layouts as I felt it needed something more to spice up the page. I tried a gradient up the top of the spread which looked ok. I also did the curve in the title but this definitely didn’t work and also looked really flacid. I decided on having the coloured gradient on half of the spread with white on the other which feels really good. it keeps consistency with my poster design and also splits the spread to make it easier to read and take in.

week 5

Some artist models I found for brochure text as I felt I needed it. It feels most effective when there’s carefully placed small items of text throughout the page which I will try to attempt. I also think it works really well with bold title text and super light text for anything else.

Week 5

Process goes from the bottom upwards

This was me playing around with my title text. This was after removing the border around the poster. I started playing around with basic layout and had to take quite some time to really find my groove. I changed the name of my conference as I really felt that Timeline wasn’t cutting it. I decided on ‘ArchDive’ like an archival dive. This isn’t final but I will work with it for now. What worked well was the ArchDive down the side of the poster. I though why not go all out and make the work actually dive into the bowl. This took some time to perfect the curve but the subtext seems to compliment it well. I like the blue text as it looks way less harsh than the black.